Futures & Options (F&O)

Futures & options are derivatives, which use equity as their underlying. Hence our Equity Advisory Group (EAG), will also act as your advisors for F&O & help you take informed decisions while trading in these derivative instruments.

Why Futures & Options?

Since derivatives instrument provide good leverage opportunity, it is a great tool for speculation. Leverage is a double edge sword for which one requires an equity advisor. Our advisors will also help you with various strategies like Bull Spread, Bear Spread, Cover call writing, hedging strategies etc. This is to help you to make better trading returns. The Equity Advisor doesn’t stop at just that, he goes a step further to ensure that your trades are settled and traded with proper margin in your account in a timely manner. This allows us to give you a convenient single window service and your advisor becomes the single point contact for all your equity related matters.

Equity Derivatives Market in India is still at a very nascent stage and offers tremendous trading opportunities. But derivatives trading could be as risky as it is profitable if appropriate risk aversion strategies are not in place.

Derivatives trading consist of Futures and Options. Futures trading is mainly used for hedging or simply leveraging. But Options can work wonders if it is well understood and used in an appropriate manner and time.

Options trading can help you make substantial profits in any market condition. Whether the market is going upwards, downwards or sideways there is always scope for money to be made.

Our unique options strategies will help you maximize profits and minimize risks.